Album | Andy The Crocodile – Scars & Wounds
 -For Folk's Sake

Heartwarmingly sweet in its melodic reverie, Andy the Crocodile skates gracefully between longing jazz melodies, rock rhythm, and genuine folk storytelling to tell a story that feels as deeply personal and touching to anyone willing to let it take a dive into their hearts. Full of subtle, trained vocal and instrumental tricks to elevate his music that much further, Andy the Crocodile feels like India’s answer to Jason Mraz—jazzy, effortless, and capable of taking an express train straight to listeners’ hearts.


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Andy The Crocodile's latest EP release 'Scars & Wounds' is filled with catchy melodies and rich harmonies 
- Stars And Celebs

Andy The Crocodile produces music that is reminiscent of a veteran artist.  With such finesse and a polished exterior, Scars & Wounds showcases Andy’s expertise as a musician.  The EP not only exhibits the singer-songwriter’s artist merit, it also demonstrates the artist’s unique indie rock/pop and alternative sensibilities.

Scars & Wounds is prevalent with catchy hooks, arresting melodies, and rich harmonies.  The record is not only melody-driven, it is also a memorable journey through oldies music with a contemporary twist.


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- This Is Not The Radio

Lullubies often feel comforting, give solace, but they also have a bittersweet essence. For even as a baby, we learn that we cannot escape the pain and struggle of life. But isn’t it all beautiful? Andy The Crocodile’s music is a mixture of emotions from sweet to sad, lost to found. He is an honest artist, authentic and true.


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Andy The Crocodile - Scars & Wounds EP (Self-Released)
 - The Big Takeover

The beginning of the lead single “Hope” sounds as if Jason Mraz had traveled back in time to record an old 78 rpm record, and it contains some wonderfully poppy Beatlesque melodies. “Sleep Well My Child” has a beautiful, lighter than air lullaby quality that is reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s early solo song sketches, and “Just Another Love Song” has a similar quality as well. But it is the six minute track “The Whammy Girl” which is the true highlight here. What begins as a quirky pseudo-Country ramble quickly erupts into visceral Zeppelin territory with some fantastic soloing from Andy.

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I Just Couldn’t Wait to Tell You About ANDY THE CROCODILE
 - The Farsighted

Andy the Crocodile (aka Anand Manivannan) is the grandson of S.R.D. Vaidyanathan, a revered Indian musician. His musical pedigree certainly runs deep, but he’s gone a bit of a different direction musically than his grandpappy. Blending a Jason Mraz-like pop styled singer/songwriter sound with classic rock influences and a obvious appreciation for the Americana folk scene, Andy the Croc crafts easy listening pop rock tracks that are heartfelt, deep, and extremely well written.


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Andy The Crocodile Brings Memories & The Element of Swoon In Scars & Wounds
 - The Music Court

Andy The Crocodile’s Scars & Wounds sound jump starts a memory bank of hearing 1950s music for the first time and the swooning tones of the instrumentals. It has a perfect melting pot of a variety of genres all spun into one. He has the ability to transport his listeners to a specific time, add his formal and informal music knowledge, and add a stylistic twist to his sound. With his talent and ability to create his own universe where his music lives, listeners will not have to wait long.


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A big leap from Semponnarkoil to California College of Music
 - The Hindu

Semponnarkoil, a small town near Mayiladuthurai, has a special place in the world of Carnatic music. Nagaswaram players from this town, beginning with Ramsamy Pillai and his descendants, are remembered for rakthi melam, a piece of music that places great thrust on layam.

But Anand Manivannan, a scion of the family, has made a big leap by opting for Western music, particularly Pop, even though he has had adequate training in Carnatic music and has reached the level of performing on stage.


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 - Big Sky State Buzz

I had never heard a rock album from an artist from India, let alone one that’s filled with a badass confidence in his sound that’s evident from start to finish. But, more than that, before listening to this EP, I also never have heard a musician mix 1940s jazz and 70s-style rock with pop stylings baked in for good measure, too. If it sounds difficult to fathom, you really just have to hear it for yourself to best understand why or how it works.


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Andy the Crocodile

Scars & Wounds EP

 - Music News

The lure of Americana songwriting is a strong one. The proof is in the latest EP from singer-songwriter, Andy the Crocodile. The project is the creative outlet for Anand Manivannan from Chennai, India, a musician who grew up under the tutelage of his father, renowned Nadaswaram player S.R.D. Vaidyanathan. As many Western musicians have turned east for inspiration, this Eastern musician looked to the west, finding influence from the likes of The Frames' Glen Hansard, Jason Mraz and in his heavier moments, Led Zeppelin. On his latest record, the Scars & Wounds EP, Andy takes a ponderous yet whimsical look at the trials and successes that have got him to where he is today.

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Now Hear This: Scars and Wounds (EP) - Andy the Crocodile
 - Now Hear This Music

Indian born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Andy the Crocodile is here with an EP called "Scars & Wounds" for review on Now Hear This.


ATC is pretty much self-taught through the use of books and Youtube tutorials which in my opinion is dope and a good example of how people can become whatever they want and accomplish whatever they dream in this generation. It's inspiring stuff.


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